Boulevard at Dalhousie | FAQ
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When is this starting?

We submitted land use and development permit applications in December and if all things go to plan, construction should start in about a year. We’ve been working with the city and community for 2 years to get to this point. We’re excited to share our progress.

How long will it take?

From first shovel in the ground to last lightbulb, about 6 years

Why can’t you just build a new store?

These days, in well-established neighbourhoods, there’s an expectation from the City that when land is redeveloped, density and uses will be increase to include residential, office and commercial. By adding additional amenities, it also adds value to the surrounding community and gives residents more options in terms of housing, services and employment opportunities.

Will the store be smaller?

The store will be a slightly smaller size from a customer perspective, with a more modern, efficient layout (similar to Midtown store). It will have all the things you love about the current store and more (programs you see at Midtown, Crowfoot etc)

Will the store be closing?

The store as well as the services in the plaza will not close until the replacements are built and open. The car wash stays the same.

Will these residences be condos?

At this time, certain building portions are designated as residential. There will likely be a mix of condos and rentals, but that mix will be determined at a later date, depending on the market and interest from the community.

Who is your target residential audience?

We are designing the residential units and amenities for a few different groups – “Right sizers” who are looking for a smaller space that requires less upkeep but allows them to stay in the area and young professionals.

Who is the developer?

Quarry Bay Investments. We are a Calgary based, family owned company that’s been involved in real estate for 40+ years. We are working with Co-op on this project. Our consultants (architects etc) are also local to Calgary.

Who is building it?

The construction company will be decided after applications are approved

Won’t there be a lot more traffic?

A traffic study was done to look at traffic patterns and determine the impacts on area roads, transit, pedestrian pathways and bike paths. All adjacent roadways is expected to operate at an acceptable level of service.

When will the store be ready?

The store will be ready around the 3.5 year mark from the start of construction

How can I get updates on the project?

You can follow on the website or email us at any time. We will also begin sending email updates once construction commences.

Who owns the land?

Co-op currently owns the land